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Sip & See

Hi. I hope you are all doing ok, if you havent yet joined our Facebook group for pregnant mums during Covid-19 please do so here, its growing into a great community of support for all you expecting mums.

I wanted to write a blog for you all to share a wonderful idea with you all that will give you all something to look forward to and focus on. The traditionally named Sip an see party is something derived from the states, an alternative baby shower. You all may have been planning an elaborate baby shower with all you family and friends and looking forward to. The idea behind a Sip and See party comes from mums not wanting the traditional baby shower but instead opting instead for a party in lieu of having a baby shower whilst pregnant when the bbay arrives. Usually planned with their mum, sister or best friend. The party would be scheduled after the baby has arrived when the mum feels recoved enough to have people over.

With the pandemic sweeping the country a party later on instead of the traditional baby shower maybe a great option. It would be lovely to plan and a great celebration once all of thi is finished and social distancing is relaxed.

You’ll feel supported and loved, you’ll be able to make sure everyone has the opportunity to dote on your little one, and then you can go back to peace and quiet

Who to invite?

As for who you should invite to your sip and see, there’s no rules—it all depends on which friends and extended family members you want to have meet baby. Unlike a baby shower, people tend to invite both men and women (and even kids) to their sip and see. Can’t wait to introduce baby to everyone? Invite all your everyone! Just keep in mind that the smaller the gathering and the closer the list the easier and less overwheming it will be for you.


The beauty of having a sip and see is that people generally have no expectation as to what has to happen at the party. Which gives you loads of freedom to decide how long people stay and what snacks you serve, games you play (or not) and the decor you use.

A few ideas for themes:

#1: Welcome to the world

A travel theme, complete with globes, planes and international food options.

#2: Something sweet has arrived

All things sweet! Have fun with a sweets-themed menu and a pastel theme.

#3: Our universe just expanded

A planetary party theme with planets, stars and twinkles at the heart of the decor.



I have designed a coupe of invites you can use so you are welcome to download and share with your family and friends. Wether thats via social media, whatts app or even in the post. Remember to let your invitees know its a come and go so no need to stay the entire length of the time, most will but it is nice for some to know that they can leve without feeling guilty for not staying.

Click on each image to view/download or message me if you have any problems and I can send you by email/whatts app if thats easier for you.




If you need any further help planning your special event please do email me

and if you would like to connect with other mums in the same situation as you please do join our facebook group

Stay safe, saty home and try to enjoy as much as you can.

With love

Fiona X


Alternative baby shower, Bristol baby photographer

20 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 1HW


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