So you booked your bluebell mini session with us, thank you we can’t wait to see you. The next question to ask yourself is what will your little one/s and you wear. I have composed a list of tips which I hope you find useful.


*Avoid logos or writing on clothing.

*Avoid fluorescent/neon/bright colors near the face as they create unflattering color casts on the skin.

*The most flattering colors to photograph are whites, greys, blues, and pinks. Try not to choose green if we’re photographing outdoors.

*Have a light layering piece (cardigan/light jacket) for versatility during the shoot.

*plan your outfit with the weather in mind.

*wear sensible shoes if outdoor session.

*Try to pick casual (but nice) clothing.

*Comfort is key- choose comfortable items in soft fabrics and easy-to-wear pieces; things you don’t have to fuss with to get to look perfect.


*Aim for one outfit that has layers or is easily interchangeable to mix up looks for the session. For example- having a pretty dress and bringing a cardigan or light jacket easily creates two or three different looks per child without having to do a full outfit change.

*Pick shoes that have straps and stay on for kids on the move.

*Think about their personality, you want their photos to reflect who they really are. If your daughter never wear dresses in real life, don’t force her because you think you have to. If your son hates being buttoned up- choose a more comfortable/casual shirt.

*If your little girl is wearing a dress then I highly recommend a comfortable dress with feminine details (ruffles, lace, floral), a lightweight cardigan/jacket and a coordinating flower headband.

*For boys then a nice t-shirt/polo shirt with a jumper on top, jeans, and slip-on trainers is a good look.

We love love love 😍 these dresses from monsoon they would be gorgeous on any little girl for any session!!

Cute baby boys outfits from Monsoon too!



*Pick from one colour palette for the whole family.

*The idea is to be coordinated, but not be to matchy.

*Patterns look good if used sparingly- pick a few members to wear solids, and a few for patterns.

*Think about your personalities, you want your photos to reflect who you really are.

Don’t worry to much and if you are at all worried about what to dress in you can of course discuss your ideas with us or in our Facebook event. 

If you haven’t yet booked your bluebell mini session go here for more information or call 07828877598 or email to see what slots we have available.

Have fun!

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