Photographing Christmas Tips

Tips for photographing your own children on Christmas morning

Now the holidays are almost here,  I wanted to share a few tips on capturing your own children on Christmas morning I hope these are useful for you please comment underneath if they are.

Download the Photoshop app

As many of you will know this app is a scaled down version of the software the professions use to edit photographs. I use this app a lot of the time with my iPhone photos since it’s got the most needed features and it’s extremely easy to use. You can adjust the image contrast, exposure, brightness, add effects, borders and more and its free.

Get in the photo

Ah this one is one of the ones I have trouble with myself. Being a photographer I hate having my own photograph taken. But with the help of the selfie and self timers its really easier than ever to be in the photo. will the children care if your hair is not brushed and your not photo ready… absolutely not this is about capturing the moment not that professional family portrait.

Turn Your Flash Off and Use Natural Light

Flash can kill all those fairy light sparkles but this can be difficult especially when over excited children are waking up in the pitch black at 5 am!!! But when you begin experimenting with natural light, you will appreciate how much it flatters people–and they will appreciate this too! Try and de-clutter the backgrounds and find the best light before Christmas day if you can.

Look for indirect natural light—the shade of a tree or an awning, or diffused by your window. When light shines beside your child, you will notice interesting soft shadows adding dimensionality to your composition. Facing your child straight on, light from the front creates a very soft, shadow-less portrait. Behind your child, backlight enhances colors and creates a bright backdrop.

Be sure to stand by the tree when your children come around the corner.

You want to make sure you capture their faces when they see everything and not be walking behind them.

Some other ideas you may want to capture:

Putting up the decorations, the Nativity play, driving around looking at lights, baking with the children, presents being wrapped, special decorations on the tree, holiday traditions, presents under the tree, presents being unwrapped,letters to Santa, hot chocolate, Christmas cards, elf on a shelf, Christmas pj’s, visiting Santa this list could go on and on, so over to you lets see what you have all been photographing this holiday season in the comments….

After you have captured all the photos you want, put your camera away and enjoy your family!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post, likes comments and shares are much appreciated.

Merry Christmas!


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