Why you should love being pregnant

Yes I get it you have to pee….. a lot!, you can’t get a good nights sleep, there’s morning/all day sickness and heart burn but there are a lot of positives of pregnancy too.

Here are some of our reasons to love being pregnant do you agree let us know and comment below

New Clothes

Now you don’t need an excuse to go clothes shopping again, you can pick a whole new wardrobe to clothe your ever growing baby bump. I loved Isabella Oliver when I was pregnant although I had my babies early and didn’t really have a big bump to dress.

Maternity Leave

Maternity rights in the UK are actually fairly good, and depending on your circumstances with shared maternity/paternity leave you can enjoy up to 52 weeks between you and your partner.

Conversation Starter

When you’re pregnant is that there is always something to talk about, from when you’re due, to what you’re having, baby name ideas and opinions on breastfeeding. This can also be a downside too but this post is for the positives, perhaps we will write more on the downsides later in another post.

Bigger boobs

Cant hide this one, the fact is pregnancy will probably give you bigger boobs. In some cases significantly bigger boobs and you will need to buy lots of pretty new bras.

Free Dental Treatment

From now until your baby is one you can receive free dental treatment and prescriptions on the NHS so do make the most of this. You will need to ask about a maternity exemption card from your midwife or GP.

No more periods

No explanation necessary here.

And then there is the moment your baby is born after all the anticipation and preparing and you realise its all been worthwhile.

Fiona X



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