As many of you reading this already know my family and I have just returned from our second trip to Walt Disney World in Florida.

My husband was lucky enough to visit lots as a child and when we met I always resisted the temptation of going. I thought why would you travel for a whole day through time zones to go on holiday and whilst I am right that going to Disney is not much of a holiday in terms of rest and relaxation it offers such a lot I am completely converted. I would go every year if I could now!!

I also discovered you don’t need half as much hand luggage to amuse small children on a long haul flight as you would first expect.

Anyway here are my top tips for visiting Disney


Number 1

If you plan on staying on International Drive and using Lynx buses to get around they are REALLY unreliable at the best of times but for only $20 for a weekly pass you can’t really complain. Although they are particularly bad between the hours of 4 and 8 pm. Also if you are traveling on the number 50 from downtown Disney to International Drive/Sea world beware that once the bus is late and full sometimes they can skip this stop from magic kingdom altogether so its best to get to the magic kingdom and catch it from there.


Number 2

A lot of people don’t know that the bottles of water in Disney are very expensive but you can get free iced water from most kiosks.

Number 3

Bring a puschair, even children who wouldnt normally need one will need one in Disney as you do walk miles every day. Our 5 year old had a stroller that reclined although she didnt nap as much as we thought she would just because she was worried she would miss out on the fun.

Number 4

Book your fast passes in advance… I cant say this enough. Also alot of people do not realsise that once you have done your three included fast passes you can add on more one attraction at a time by visiting a fast pass kiosk.

Number 5

Be prepared for rain, the chance of a storm is very high if travelling in the summer months but whilst this puts alot of guests of in our experience rain can be great if your prepared. Take a brolly as the ponchos on sale are $18 dollars each and it gets very busy in the shops during rain. We have found alot of guests leave the disney parks during the rain but if you wait out the storm its likely that any rain wont last very long and the queues for rides will be alot shorter.

If it rains alot a good park to head to is Disney’s Hollywood studios as a large proportion of the rides are inside.

Staying cool, pack your swim costume there are splash areas located in most of the parks so you can cool off when the sun gets too much they also sell these amazing cooling towels on amazon that are great just get them wet and wring off the excess and they stay cool for hours.


Number 6

Visit Epcot’s France (World Showcase) and buy a Ice Cream macaroon seriously it was the most delicious thing ive tasted…..Ever.

Whilst were talking food we also really enjoyed the Ice Cream Bucket at Disney’s Blizard beach. This was our favourite water park too as the soda refill stations were not swamped with wasps as they were in Typhoon lagoon. Our children also loved the family raft ride here especially our 5 year old who wanted to ride again and again even though it was a hike up many steps to ride it (you could wait for the cable car).

Didnt bring armbands no problem there are different sized lifejackets to borrow at various places around the water parks.



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