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For tonight’s blog I wanted to shed a bit of light on the magical two week window that photographers talk about when scheduling newborn sessions.

The first week or two after birth is such a hard adjustment time for parents. Why does newborn baby photography have to be in these 1st two weeks?
As families are struggling to adjust, that fleeting newborn baby stage is so easily forgotten. But newborns change so dramatically in the first weeks of life. When they are first born, they are able to bend and curl into these sweet little poses, mimicking how they lived inside the womb. They sleep in such a deep sleep that sometimes it is impossible to wake them up and they have that precious, brand-new “newborn look” that reminds us of the miracle of birth. All these amazing characteristics will begin to disappear forever after just a couple of short weeks. The goal of newborn baby photography is to capture this extremely short stage in your baby’s life. It is a session centered around capturing the beauty and newness of this tiny little miracle that you have brought into the world.

Why do Newborn baby photographer’s prefer to meet your baby in the first 2 weeks of their life?
The age of the babies can sometimes determine the poses we will be able to position them in and whether they will like it or not. All babies are different and it’s not to say that one baby will be easier to pose over another one, merely based upon age, but generally speaking, the age of the baby can dictate how the session will run.
Newborn babies sleep a lot. It may be mostly during the day, but they sleep. In the first week they sleep on average 18 hours a day. To take the most beautiful candid photos we all love, ideally your baby should be asleep during the session. It does happen that great results are achieved with a baby who is already awake, but as a rule of thumb: sleepy baby = great session. We can pose them in lovely, curled up poses, their face looks relaxed, and that’s how we want to remember them: relaxed and calm. Happy.
Not only do younger babies get into certain poses much easier than older babies, but they don’t mind much about having their clothes off if they are kept warm.
Typically I schedule all newborn sessions between 6 and 10 days after birth, and as much as mums often don’t feel up for venturing out of the house just yet, I strongly recommend this age for a shoot. Babies stay asleep longer, don’t mind being undressed, trust me you will not regret having photos taken at this stage in their life when you look back in years to come .
From experience, I have to say age doesn’t guarantee a smooth session, but the earlier in your babies life we schedule our shoot, the better chance we have to capture many beautiful images.

What can we expect from a session with a baby who is over 3 weeks old but not yet 3 months?
It’s still possible to get some gorgeous photos of your little one, even if they are over 2 weeks old. However, the style of those photos will be very different, they may not be sleepy, or nicely curled up in a womb like pose, they may not like having their clothes off. I may have you present in more photos, even just holding your baby, as your little one will feel most at ease in your arms.
Your baby may be awake for most, if not all of the session. They may want nothing to do with sleep at all but cannot yet support their own head and will tire quickly.

I hope this sheds a bit of light about the magic two week window and explains why it’s the best time for your babies newborn baby photo shoot.

We love being able to capture these precious memories for you to treasure for years to come. To book your session email or go here

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