A different kind of Caesarean section?

Are you thinking about your baby’s Birth?

A new type of caesarean section is gaining in popularity, which sees the newborn placed on the mother’s chest immediately after birth.

Let’s not forget that a c-section is major surgery but who would say no to an experience more like that of a vaginal birth.

What is a ‘gentle Caesarean’?

A gentle caesarean (sometimes called a family centred birth) includes many features but its overall purpose is to invoke a peaceful, calm atmosphere that closely mimics what happens during and after a natural childbirth.

What are the benefits?

It is thought that this approach steadies the baby’s temperature and heart rate, improves parent/baby interaction and helps initiate breastfeeding. Typically during a C-section a woman’s view of her child’s birth is blocked by a curtain as mine were.  Traditional sections come with plenty of negatives- a longer hospital stay, increased recovery time, driving and lifting restrictions and added emotional trauma.

What’s different about it?

  • You may be able to request less sedation after surgery leaving you more alert to care for your baby.
  • Your hands are not strapped down and your IV line is put in your non dominate hand.
  • Your newborn is placed directly onto your chest after delivery for immediate skin to skin contact and may even be able to begin breastfeeding right away.
  • Your baby may be delivered slowly to allow time for the chest to be squeezed on the way out as in a vaginal birth, to enable the lungs to clear of fluid.

If your considering this approach and a c-section is needed then please talk to your midwife about it being in your birthing plan as you may need to make some specific adjustments to your treatment and care.

What are your experiences?

I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

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