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One of my most asked questions is why can’t I have copyright to my images or does that fee include copyright? Why can’t I just screen shot the images from my online gallery?

There is a common misconception around copyright rules and the law.

I wanted to take a few minutes to explain what copyright actually means for you the client and for the photographer. The truth is copyright can be quite complex especially when it comes to photography and copyright.

I am sure everyone has done it at least once, but who knew it was illegal? Taking a screen shot, right click to download/save or photographed an image on your smart phone/device that is stealing the image as the image belongs to someone else. Yes even my own mum has done this and printed a photo of her grandchildren that I have posted on my Facebook!!!!

For most people these laws are not that important everyone shares and uploads holiday pics and selfies to social media to share with family and friends. But if your livelihood relies on creating images can you imagine how it would be important?

All professional images are protected by copyright.

The photographer who created the image owns them. When you purchase a print/canvas you have brought one copy of an image and are not permitted to copy it in any way without permission. When you buy digital images you are buying copies of the images that have a licence to print. This means you can print, copy and reproduce which is often why the digital version is more expensive than buying a print. It doesn’t mean you own the images copyright, this retains with the photographer. You can share and print them but should not alter them or enter them in competitions as your work or sell them.

I hope this helps explain this complicated issue.

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