Christmas mini sessions 2018: Now on sale


This year we have two really wonderful Christmas sessions to choose from,

The Santa Experience and The Rustic Christmas bed set

The Santa Experience Sessions

This we year we have some AMAZING sessions, the big man himself is coming to visit he Photography by Fiona studio, little ones can experience some amazing one on one time with Santa,
perhaps reading a Christmas story, chatting to him about the elves or enjoying a Christmas cookie together.

-These sessions will take place on the 3rd November
-15 minutes at our BS3 based studio
-Styling guide and use of some selected outfits
-Online gallery to choose from
-Includes 5 high resolution digital images emailed
– A small age appropriate gift
– £99 for first baby/child, extra children can be added at £25 each

We Can’t wait to share this magical time with you and your children.

Purchase a Santa Experience session here

The Rustic Christmas bed jammie mini sessions

Photography by Fiona is so excited to offer this exclusive 2018 Rustic Christmas Bed mini set up.
You may remember from last year we had a bed set up for our ‘my first Christmas’ sessions but this year we wanted everyone to be able to take part. So we have a brand new four poster rustic bed set up which is perfect for babies, children and siblings.
This session set is timeless and would look great in a Holiday Card to send to family and friends. These Mini sessions are also a great way to see what Photography by Fiona is all about.

For more information please email us at

Or to secure your session slot please purchase a session through this link






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Returning to school after the coronavirus lockdown

Returning to school after Coronavirus

So after months of a UK and worldwide lockdown, the UK government is planning for a back to school after the summer come September.

As we begin to start thinking about children perhaps returning to school after Coronavirus its only normal for them and us to feel anxious as we emerge from this very unusual and unsettling time.

But what can you do to make this as easy as possible for your child… and yourself?

Its no doubt that the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown has affected us all.  Not least in terms of our mental health – with reports showing  increased levels of anxiety and stress.

So it’s important we get the next few weeks right – and set them (and us) up for success.

Here’s a few ways that can help us do that….

1 Be prepared

Read everything your school has put in place with your child so they can know what to expect as many things will be different than they remember. They may not even be part of the same class as some of their friends as class’s maybe split to enable distancing. Each school will have their own specific advice so be aware not all advice will be the same. Some schools ar eencouraging pupils to bring their own supplies and not schare and others are advising against bring a backpack at all. Our Primary here is also suggesting they wear a brand new unifrom everyday thats something you may need to think about buying extra school jumpers etc…

2. Listen

Take the time to listen to their worries

Many children will have anxiety about:

  • leaving their parents and returning to school
  • what happens if they catch coronavirus at school
  • the safety of the families and siblings they’re leaving behind

3. Practice your routine

Most children (including mine) have had no routine for weeks on end, a lot of screen time and late nights and late mornings.

That means getting to school and staying awake all day may be an achievement for some.

Kids feel safer and less anxious – when they know what to expect.

4. Make them a back to school hygeine pack

Perhaps make them a packin a clear pencil case including their own hand santizer, wipes and face covering (depending on your school advice)


Thinking about booking a Back to school Photo Shoot?

Please get in touch by the form below or follow us on Facebook and Instagram 

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Keeping children and babies cool during a heatwave

Keeping children and babies cool during a heatwave

The warm weather can make looking after babies and children that much more difficult, how do I keep my baby safe in the sun is one of the most asked questions by parents. Here our our tips for keeping children and babies cool during a heatwave as temperatures start to rise with a handy infographic you can pin for later.

If you are still pregnant check out our other blog for keeping cool when pregnant here.


1. Chill Rooms before bedtime

Be prepared, way before bedtime. Use blinds and keep curtians drawn all day to keep out the heat during the daytime.


2. Thirsty?

Make sure children stay hydrated across the dy with regular drinks and ice lollies. Who needs an excuse for an ice lolly?


3. Fans

This is an obvious one but fans do have a habit of just blowing hot air around the room.  To help keep the air cool place an icy cold bowl of water in front the fan and direct the fan away from the baby/child.


4. Avoid the car

Cars are heat traps in the summer and practically impossible to keep cool. You could try traveing early in the morning or when the sun has gone own if possible.


5. Strip them off

Keep nightware and bedclothes to a minimum. Our sleep infographic shows how many layers are needed as the temperature increases.


6. Get a Thermometer

Your baby will be most comfotable when the room is between 16 and 20 degrees ish depending on the baby.  Being able to see the temperature will be useful, there are some great ones including the gro egg 

Please download and share our handy baby sleep infographich below

Interested in booking a session at Photography by Fiona please fill out the short form and we will get back to you.


Photography by Fiona studio is located, 20 North St, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 1HW

Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook for updates

Call us on 07828877598



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We are back!!

Studio saftey at Photography by Fiona now we are re-open


We are open and can NOT wait to welcome you at Photography By Fiona- Creative Newborn & Cake Smash Photographer in Bristol


Sooooooo I have some fabulous news! As we know the government officially stated photography studios could legally reopen from 15th June. So with infection levels dropping & the government reducing Social Distancing from 2m to “1m + precautions such as PPE”, that meant I was more than happy to open with some new Studio saftey  measures in place.
I am fully confident that I have in place all steps that I can humanly possibly do to protect both my clients & myself so I am now officially open again! We are taking bookings for all session types, newborn, baby & cake smash and will carry on for as long as its safe to do so.

Full PPE measures are in place (& provided) for clients & myself, hand sanitiser (provided) & Covid signs galore in the studio reminding everyone to wash/sanitise hands & wear medical grade masks. A stringent laundry & cleaning regime has been implemented (I’ve always had a strict laundry & cleaning process, however this has been stepped up a gear due to Covid). Only symptom free immediate cohabiting members of the family are allowed in the studio at any one time (+ me and my assitand where required). With these measures in place I am as confident as I can be that I am being fully studio safe within the current climate.

I’m so happy to be back!
Fiona xo


I pride myself on keeping a clean safe environment for my newborns & babies but due to COVID19 I will be putting the following extra precautions in place.

  • If you or anyone in your household has displayed any symptoms please let me know and we shall re-schedule

  • All surfaces and any items being used during your photo shoot will be deep cleaned before you arrive

  • I will be scheduling a maximum of 1 shoot per day and all blankets, furs, headbands and hats etc will be deep cleaned between shoots.

  • No tea and Coffee will be provided but bottled water and pre-packed snacks will be avaliable

  • Only immediate family can attend

  • No outside props permitted
  • Hand sanitiser must be used on arrival and will be available through the shoot

  • Masks will be worn by myself and by parents, which can be removed if the parents are being photographed.

  • I will remain at a 1 meter plus distance where possible.

    • During Newborn photo shoots I will need to be closer to your baby for posing and photographing them. For this reason I will wear full PPE including mask, visor and apron

    • During Baby & Cake Smash photo shoots I will ask parents to place their babies in place while I stay at least 1 meter away.

  • Parents must not enter the photography area (you can see your little one at all times from the seating area)

If you have any concerns at any time before or during your photo shoot, please let me know and we’ll address them ASAP.

Thinking about booking a Newborn, Baby or Cake Smash Photo Shoot?

Book any time from your 20 week scan and get your due date secured in my diary.

Every Newborn Shoot is designed around the colours and themes you love, whether that’s headbands, hats and props or simple images on blankets. We go at the speed you and your baby need with lots of cuddle and feeding breaks making the whole experience lovely and relaxed, resulting in images you will treasure.

Studio saftey at Photography by Fiona now we are re-open, Follow us on instagram 


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Hosting a virtual baby shower


You had it all planned.

Whether you were planning a baby shower for your friend, a relative or perhaps your own, it was all perfect – and then there is a world wide shut down and everything is left in question. Not to worry, the global pandemic and a little social distancing doesn’t mean a baby shower can not still happen. Why not have a party at home and a virtual baby shower online with all your family and friends.

The guest list & Invites

To make feel as close to the original as possible, why not send her a little package with some goodies to enjoy a few days before the virtual shower event so they can hang all the decorations up. It’ll make the mummy-to-be feel special knowing everyone is thinking of her.
You can also use Amazon to send gifts or drop them off on her doorstep.



This is my actual favourite part. Just because the in-person baby shower is cancelled, it doesnt mean you can’t still decorate. Why not start by hanging up a few decorations maybe some baby shower bunting, and some baloons it will really impress everyone. If your after a tutorial on how to make a baloon garland and some decoration printables I will post some in the group to accompany this blog.
If your not yet in our facebook group but are expecting or recently had a baby please do join us here



The key to any baby shower is the games of course! They are definitely the best part and one element that definitely shouldn’t be disregarded.

Guess the Number. The host holds up a jar filled with sweets (M&Ms, jelly beans,) and asks guests to guess how many are inside.

Name That Baby Song. The host plays different nursery rhymes or popular baby songs and guests try to guess the name as quickly as they can.

Who’s That Baby? Before the shower starts, ask the guests to email photos of themselves as babies to the host. The host shares them with the group on the call and everyone tries to guess who is who.


You can also have a virtual “guestbook” for your shower. To do this you can make a presentation on google slides and send the link for your guests to fill out their page with their advice for the mum to be.

Have fun and be sure to let us see some pictures in the group.

Fiona X



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An alternative baby shower, Sip & See

Sip & See

Hi. I hope you are all doing ok, if you havent yet joined our Facebook group for pregnant mums during Covid-19 please do so here, its growing into a great community of support for all you expecting mums.

I wanted to write a blog for you all to share a wonderful idea with you all that will give you all something to look forward to and focus on. The traditionally named Sip an see party is something derived from the states, an alternative baby shower. You all may have been planning an elaborate baby shower with all you family and friends and looking forward to. The idea behind a Sip and See party comes from mums not wanting the traditional baby shower but instead opting instead for a party in lieu of having a baby shower whilst pregnant when the bbay arrives. Usually planned with their mum, sister or best friend. The party would be scheduled after the baby has arrived when the mum feels recoved enough to have people over.

With the pandemic sweeping the country a party later on instead of the traditional baby shower maybe a great option. It would be lovely to plan and a great celebration once all of thi is finished and social distancing is relaxed.

You’ll feel supported and loved, you’ll be able to make sure everyone has the opportunity to dote on your little one, and then you can go back to peace and quiet

Who to invite?

As for who you should invite to your sip and see, there’s no rules—it all depends on which friends and extended family members you want to have meet baby. Unlike a baby shower, people tend to invite both men and women (and even kids) to their sip and see. Can’t wait to introduce baby to everyone? Invite all your everyone! Just keep in mind that the smaller the gathering and the closer the list the easier and less overwheming it will be for you.


The beauty of having a sip and see is that people generally have no expectation as to what has to happen at the party. Which gives you loads of freedom to decide how long people stay and what snacks you serve, games you play (or not) and the decor you use.

A few ideas for themes:

#1: Welcome to the world

A travel theme, complete with globes, planes and international food options.

#2: Something sweet has arrived

All things sweet! Have fun with a sweets-themed menu and a pastel theme.

#3: Our universe just expanded

A planetary party theme with planets, stars and twinkles at the heart of the decor.



I have designed a coupe of invites you can use so you are welcome to download and share with your family and friends. Wether thats via social media, whatts app or even in the post. Remember to let your invitees know its a come and go so no need to stay the entire length of the time, most will but it is nice for some to know that they can leve without feeling guilty for not staying.

Click on each image to view/download or message me if you have any problems and I can send you by email/whatts app if thats easier for you.




If you need any further help planning your special event please do email me

and if you would like to connect with other mums in the same situation as you please do join our facebook group

Stay safe, saty home and try to enjoy as much as you can.

With love

Fiona X


Alternative baby shower, Bristol baby photographer

20 North Street, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 1HW


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