Christmas mini sessions 2018: Now on sale


This year we have two really wonderful Christmas sessions to choose from,

The Santa Experience and The Rustic Christmas bed set

The Santa Experience Sessions

This we year we have some AMAZING sessions, the big man himself is coming to visit he Photography by Fiona studio, little ones can experience some amazing one on one time with Santa,
perhaps reading a Christmas story, chatting to him about the elves or enjoying a Christmas cookie together.

-These sessions will take place on the 3rd November
-15 minutes at our BS3 based studio
-Styling guide and use of some selected outfits
-Online gallery to choose from
-Includes 5 high resolution digital images emailed
– A small age appropriate gift
– £99 for first baby/child, extra children can be added at £25 each

We Can’t wait to share this magical time with you and your children.

Purchase a Santa Experience session here

The Rustic Christmas bed jammie mini sessions

Photography by Fiona is so excited to offer this exclusive 2018 Rustic Christmas Bed mini set up.
You may remember from last year we had a bed set up for our ‘my first Christmas’ sessions but this year we wanted everyone to be able to take part. So we have a brand new four poster rustic bed set up which is perfect for babies, children and siblings.
This session set is timeless and would look great in a Holiday Card to send to family and friends. These Mini sessions are also a great way to see what Photography by Fiona is all about.

For more information please email us at

Or to secure your session slot please purchase a session through this link






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Welcoming a lockdown baby to the family

Welcome to the world…but don’t get too close please

When a new baby is born we want to celebrate, but with everything that’s going on in the world right now that can feel almost impossible.

The majority of us can’t go to work, see our friends or go outside when we want; our worlds have suddenly become so small and limited. With the birth of a new baby, we are reminded that life goes on: there is a future and there is hope beyond these months of isolation.  Now, more than ever, we need to celebrate these new additions and provide much-needed support to new parents whose lives have been turned upside down. 

Share your ideas in the comments we would love to hear them.


Whilst you cant physically hug the new arrival in person you can always send a little gift to show them that you care. Why not send them a little comfort blanket or soft toy that has your smell or a photo book full of the family and friends photos with a little family tree, or a special story.


Video calling is now easier than ever and most of us us have now used Zoom, FaceTime or What’s app to call our loved ones in lockdown so why not plan some time to meet the new arrival and dress up, ready to celebrate. Maybe doorstop delivery a little gift and play some online games. We did a lockdown shower alternative blog that’s perfect please also check that out for some ideas.

For the sake of security when using a web video conferencing service or a video calling app, where possible:

Set a secure password.

Lock your meeting and make your meeting name difficult to guess.

Apply multi-factor authentication if available.

Sip and See


Sadly now you can’t just pop over to babysit while Mum takes a quick shower or offer to help out with the cleaning, but you can still support parents with their daily errands. From getting in some basic groceries to cooking them their own home cooked meal that just need re-heating, simple gestures like these can help new parents so much.


Why not send a lovely birth announcement card to all your friends and family. I have some designs I can send you if you contact me if you would like.


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Elf on the Shelf- Downloads

Elf on the Shelf Planner

Start this holiday season with our helpful elf planner to keep the magic going all the way through Christmas. We have penciled in ideas for each day so you’ll always have a creative idea. And, since you can easily see which activities are coming up, preparation is a breeze!

One of our favourite pre-Christmas traditions.  We love brainstorming different ways to get the Elf into mischief around the house, but admittedly we find ourselves running out of ideas at the end of the month. Our daily planner will help you never run out of ideas again.



Elf on the shelf Bingo

We love the mission of the Elf: keeping your kids on the nice list all season. Our Elf bingo turns daily chores and good deeds into a fun game for the family. Preparation is easy! Simply print our set of bingo cards and help your child check off each square as tasks are completed throughout the day. The first one to check off a whole row wins! Consider adding a bonus prize for bingo cards with every space checked off. Ive added three spaces for you to add your one tasks too.


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Tips to manage the clock change with children

Tips to manage the clock change with children

Help the clocks are going back on Sunday!!!! Don’t panic here our some top tips to manage the clock change with children.

For most adults this is fantastic news as it means an extra hour in bed, but for parents with young children this is highly unlikely!  Will your 5am waker suddenly start waking at 4am?

There is no need to panic if you start preparing in advance a little the change should come as too much of a shock. Here are our 5 tips for getting your baby ready for the time change to ensure a pain-free bedtime and wake time!

1. Adjust your baby’s bedtime
In the week leading up to the clocks going back, try and make your baby’s bedtime 10 minutes later each night although I know how hard this step can be.

2. Make it dark
As the clocks goes back it usually means brighter mornings although probably not with the amount of rain right now. But to be on the safe side keep their bedroom as dark as possible to avoid any morning sunshine waking your little one up earlier than necessary black out blinds are great for this.

3. Give them a lie in
Try leaving your baby in their cot/bed for 10 minutes longer each morning in the lead-up to the clocks going back.

4. Delay dinner time
Try feeding your child a little later each evening. This way their whole routine is kept in sync

If you have any other tips or ideas for helping babies and toddlers adjust to the time change, comment below as we’d love to hear them! For more baby sleep tips check out this blog post 

Interested in booking a session with us please call 07828877598 or fill out this short form and we will get back to you


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Where to go Pumpkin picking near Bristol 2020

Where to go Pumpkin Picking near Bristol in 2020 by Fiona

Pumpkin picking is a great family day out, and the fun continues all the way home when you get to carve it too

There are still plenty of venues continuing to offer families the chance to search for their perfect pumpkin. All of the places listed below have a number of safety measures in place to ensure they are Covid-secure, including social distancing precautions and hand sanitising points, please be aware all of these MUST have tickets purchased before entry so please do plan in advance.


Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park

Where: Pixash Lane, Bath Road, Keynsham, BS31 1TP

As well as pumpkin picking during the day you can also go to a Pumpkin picking nighttime event. They have festival vibes with a pop up bar, firepits, street food, performers and spectacular seasonal entertainment.


Farrington’s Farm

Where: Home Farm, Main Street, Farrington Gurney, BS39 6UB

Cost: Tickets cost £5 each

They always have a great display at Farringtons, they also have a separate witchy afternoon tea as well that looks fantastic.


Noah’s Arc Zoo Farm

Where: Clevedon Road, Wraxall, BS48 1PG

Cost: Entrance to the farm is free for children under 2. Tickets then range from £12.80 to £18.

This one sounds great fun,  groups of the animals have been up to mischief and hidden pumpkins in the wrong places! There is a Pumpkin Mystery trail to find out who’s responsible and enter our competition for the chance to win a family ticket for four and an adoption.


Triggols Farm

Where: BS21 6RG

Come and buy your fresh pumpkin from the farm yard. A variety of pumpkins from warty ones to baby ones – all grown on the farm by the Triggol family. Many of the varieties are delicious for cooking with and, of course, all varieties are great for carving.



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Returning to school after the coronavirus lockdown

Returning to school after Coronavirus

So after months of a UK and worldwide lockdown, the UK government is planning for a back to school after the summer come September.

As we begin to start thinking about children perhaps returning to school after Coronavirus its only normal for them and us to feel anxious as we emerge from this very unusual and unsettling time.

But what can you do to make this as easy as possible for your child… and yourself?

Its no doubt that the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown has affected us all.  Not least in terms of our mental health – with reports showing  increased levels of anxiety and stress.

So it’s important we get the next few weeks right – and set them (and us) up for success.

Here’s a few ways that can help us do that….

1 Be prepared

Read everything your school has put in place with your child so they can know what to expect as many things will be different than they remember. They may not even be part of the same class as some of their friends as class’s maybe split to enable distancing. Each school will have their own specific advice so be aware not all advice will be the same. Some schools ar eencouraging pupils to bring their own supplies and not schare and others are advising against bring a backpack at all. Our Primary here is also suggesting they wear a brand new unifrom everyday thats something you may need to think about buying extra school jumpers etc…

2. Listen

Take the time to listen to their worries

Many children will have anxiety about:

  • leaving their parents and returning to school
  • what happens if they catch coronavirus at school
  • the safety of the families and siblings they’re leaving behind

3. Practice your routine

Most children (including mine) have had no routine for weeks on end, a lot of screen time and late nights and late mornings.

That means getting to school and staying awake all day may be an achievement for some.

Kids feel safer and less anxious – when they know what to expect.

4. Make them a back to school hygeine pack

Perhaps make them a packin a clear pencil case including their own hand santizer, wipes and face covering (depending on your school advice)


Thinking about booking a Back to school Photo Shoot?

Please get in touch by the form below or follow us on Facebook and Instagram 

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