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Newborn sleep tips from a Bristol newborn baby photographer

As a newborn photographer, I have studied all the tips & tricks for getting babies off to sleep very carefully. In every newborn session I do, I start by making sure baby is fast asleep and ready to be photographed in the desired curled up poses. To be safely placed in the poses I photograph the babies in they need to be in a deep REM stage of sleep.

So here they are my tops tips to get your newborn to sleep, in no particular order…

White noise 

Probably my number one tip for new parents is white noise, we have this playing during your newborn photography session.  Although do beware that these apps eat your battery life I find especially on my iphone so please dont forget your charger!

You can download a free white noise app from the iTunes store and we have written a whole blog post on white noise here.

We have just brought a baby shusher for the studio to save our iPhone batteries during a newborn shoot, I will update the blog once we have used it but it looks great for white noise.


We have also used a gro hush and would recommend it, the Gro Hush is a portable white noise baby calmer. It transmits soothing white noise directly to your baby so that only they can hear it, helping to keep them relaxed and happy. Fantastic for use at home as part of your calming routine, or when out and about or travelling. The device offers a choice of three soothing white noise sounds to choose from–heart-beat, ocean waves or rain falling on a tin roof, which are all set at a safe volume. You can find it on amazon for £11.09

Or just follow our affiliate link to purchase here:

Getting baby to sleep, the three s’s

Face baby into the light, this makes baby automatically want to close their eyes.

Stroke down bridge of baby’s nose, this helps baby to close their eyes. My daughter still sleeps with one eye half open so I am often doing this.


In the last few weeks in the womb, there is very little room for baby to move about, swaddling will give the baby a sense of comfort as it reminds them of being in the womb. In the studio I will often wrap babies if they do not drift off to sleep easily sleep, this not only keeps them from throwing their arms and legs about but helps them to settle and gives them the sense of security.


A great tip to help calm your baby down to get them to sleep is Shushing, it may feel a little silly and you may loose your vioce but it does work. Just do long loud shush’s the louder you baby cry’s the louder you shush. When your baby’s crying starts to quieten down, so do you.


Rock gently from side to side, some babies also like a figure of eight motion.

Turning baby towards the light may help as this makes baby automatically want to close their eyes.

Stroking down bridge of baby’s nose with your thump and forefinger, helps baby to close their eyes. My daughter still sleeps with one eye half open so I am often doing this at home.

Are you awake  in the middle of the night reading this I would love to know if my Newborn sleep tips are helping you, please comment with your stories below.

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Fiona X

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  1. Samatha
    Samatha says:

    Interesting. My daughter didn’t sleep through the night until she was over eighteen months old. (She’s twenty months now.) Actually, she still wakes up once at about six, but I can’t really complain about that. (She gets up for good around 7:00am-7:30am.)


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