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Today’s post is a guest post written from Hayleigh at Aquatic Harmony, Hayleigh offers all our customers a 12% discount on her Bristol Baby Swim Classes and they are a great way to meet other pregnant mummies due around the same time as you.


Hello I am Hayleigh I am the owner of Aquatic Harmony Aqua we run pregnancy aqua natal classes and Bristol Baby Swim Classes, Whilst pregnant with my first child 6 years ago there was nowhere in Bristol that held aqua natal classes and I was so desperate to be in the water and join a water based class to benefit my pregnancy, but there was nowhere.  So after extensive Birthlight aqua natal and baby swim training Aquatic Harmony was born and we have been running aqua natal and baby swim classes in Bristol and Wiltshire for over four years now.

Aquatic Harmony were the first to introduce these wonderful beneficial aqua natal classes to the pregnant ladies of Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Swindon and Wiltshire. We have four very experienced Birthlight aqua natal teachers who have taught hundreds if not thousands of ladies over the past four years and we are proud to have had such a positive effect on our ladies pregnancies and births.  We have some ladies who are returning for their second even third pregnancy with us and have had many mummies-to-be who are Physiotherapists, Doctors, Midwives and even Yoga instructors who have loved our classes.

Attending Aquatic Harmony aqua natal classes is one of the best things you can do for your body, mind and baby whilst pregnant, and because Aqua natal is Accredited by The Royal College of Midwives we have lots of support from midwives across the UK. Our classes offer you a gentle and easily accessible way to exercise, relax and prepare for the birth of your baby. Enjoy deep, effective yet gentle stretching using the breath to open the pelvis, strengthen the spine and abdominal muscles and learn how to gain control of the pelvic floor muscles so they can be used to birth your baby lightly.

All of our classes are held in warm private pools and involve simple adapted yoga movements making exercise enjoyable for all pregnant woman, particularly if they are suffering from backache or pelvic pain (SPD/PGP) or any other pregnancy aches and pains. Bodies feel virtually weightless in water enabling deep stretching, spinal alignment and exercise to open the hips and pelvis, many ladies find the weightlessness a welcome part of each session. You do not need to be a swimmer or to have practised yoga to attend out aqua natal classes.

The benefits of Aqua natal Yoga

  • to enjoy a gravity free environment
  • to open the pelvis and prepare for birth
  • to stretch and strengthen the spinal and abdominal muscles
  • to gain control of the pelvic floor muscles so that they can be relaxed whilst giving birth
  • to expand breathing capacity and improve sleep
  • to relax deeply and release worries or fears
  • to connect with the growing baby
  • Make friends with other mummies to be
  • A great start to your babies swimming adventure

Aqua natal Yoga Classes Include:

Gentle exercises: Movements of the hips, spine, extremities, neck, and shoulders work the ligaments and muscles, supported by buoyancy aids and the natural support of being in water.  Gentle rotations, stretches that are unachievable on dry land can be achieved with the support of the water.

Breathing exercises: Deeper, more expansive breathing has many benefits for the mother and baby, and is of great importance through all stages of pregnancy, labour and birth. With practice, all the muscles of the pelvis become involved in full breathing, which provides a powerful tool in labour.

Relaxation: Aqua Yoga brings a sense of deep relaxation. Floating in water offers a unique experience of unity, as the baby is suspended in water (amniotic fluid) inside the mother, so the mother can share this experience of hanging in water and connection with the baby.

Preparing for birth: Using the water as a medium to explore and expel fears attached to labour. Explore positions for labour, how to open the hips and pelvis allowing optimal space for the baby, prepare for delivery and birthing the baby.

Group work: To offer and receive support, and get to know the other expectant mothers in the group. Aquatic Harmony have introduced so many mummies-to be and many friendships have been made in the past four years.

Swimming: Swimming is the best form of exercise available to pregnant women. Learn the correct adaptations of classic swimming strokes to accommodate the growing baby and support the pelvis and changes in the body.

Also aqua natal allows our ladies to relax and become comfortable in water if they are hoping for a water birth and many of our exercises and practices can be used in the birthing pool.  We also find that all of our aqua natal ladies are super confident and happy in the water when they bring their little one to our baby swim classes as they are so comfortable and at home being in the water and so are their babies!

For more information on our classes please go to our website or email us at

Best wishes


Aquatic Harmony

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